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Horace, born 65 B.C.: “There is no wine sweeter to drink than Lesbian; that it was like nectar, and more resembled ambrosia than wine; that it was perfectly harmless, and would not produce intoxication.” Anti-Bacchus, p. 220.

Virgil, born 70 B.B.: “Or from sweet must boils down the luscious juice, and skims with leaves the trembling cauldron’s food.” Georgic, lib. I. Line 295.

Plutarch, born 60 A.D.: “Wine is rendered old or feeble in strength when it is frequently filtered. The strength or spirit being thus excluded, the wine neither inflames the brain nor infests the mind and the passions, and is much more pleasant to drink.” Symposium

Pliny, born 61 or 62 A.D.: “The most useful wine has all its strength broken by the filter.” Liber xxiii. Cap. 24.