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So it has been a snowy few days in Cincinnati, and I wanted to spend some time off-campus before the next storm hits here and do something fun to celebrate Chinese New Year.  (My off-campus Bible study meets on Fridays as well, so naturally, I was very antsy at this time of day.  However, they cancelled because of the snowy weather that is suppose to resume tonight. )

My friends were craving soul food. I didn’t actually think I wanted to eat anything but wanted to spend more time with my friends.  We ended up at Alabama Que because the soul food place was closed because of snow. If you are ever in Cincy and are craving Barbeque, you should check this place out.  I was fairly impressed.

Restaurant Experience

Alabama Que's Store Front  on Vine Street

Alabama Que’s Store Front on Vine Street

I was impressed to see the restaurant owner, Frederick (Dwan) Ward, himself at the register.  He is a former UC football player with a fire safety engineering degree.

I immediately noticed the awards on the wall, including one about having healthy choices, which was very unexpected for a Barbeque joint.  When I mentioned that barbeque may not be a good idea for my stomach problems, he immediately sympathized.  He told me that he gets his turkey from a local farm that does not use antibiotics.  He also said that he cooked his collard greens in smoked turkey instead of bacon fat and avoided processed sugars.  

Naturally, I decided to order the turkey tips with green beans and collard greens. I got the sauce on the side so that I could limit how much I ate.   I received an extra side for checking in on Twitter on his iPad.  I definitely appreciated his professionalism and the southern hospitality he exuded.

Business Model

I learned that this is not the first joint he has had.  When  Dwan decided to first enter the Clifton dining market, he realized that he needed to specialize in southern barbeque, and he needed to differentiate himself by offering healthier choices compared to other barbeque joints.  Salmon is on the menu as well.

This seems to have been a great move because I saw a variety of different types of customers that came in to order.  He also has catered for local university MBA students and has been given Cincinnati’s Best awards.  Dwan also has $2 turkey tip specials with a side option for additional $1.50 to attract local college students.


This was definitely some yummy goodness.

This was definitely some yummy goodness.

I was very impressed with the turkey tips.  He gave a very generous portion of meat.  They were flavorful, tender, lean, and had a firm skin.  My stomach was definitely very happy.

I also liked the collard greens.  They definitely tasted very fresh and definitely not something with lots of artificial sugars.  The green beans and surrounding meat seemed to have some processed sugars, so I couldn’t really finish it.  I let myself have a bit of the mac and cheese, which was good.

Fresh Anointing Impact Church is a business that supports Alabama Que.

If you are stranded by cold weather today, feel free to worship with us at Inbound Church <-Click!