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As I discussed in a previous article, church retreats rejuvenate the soul and connect members of the church.

Connections are made because each person is removed from the normalcy of life and can pay full attention to growing with other church members.

Over the years, I’ve been to several retreats as a child, teenager, and adult.

Looking back on those experiences, the essences of the retreats from each stage of life were not so different from each other.

The common ground of all retreats

  1. They all have had the same purposes.

Each one I have attending served to get me away from daily routine, to develop my relationships with peers, and to point my thoughts back to Jesus.

Sure, each stage of life has different interests, but the meaning of each retreat was universal.

  1. No matter the age, we played games or had time for fellowship.

During the retreats from my childhood and teenage years, we played sports games, card games… pretty much all kinds of games.

During the adult retreats, we did the same thing, only our backs and joints were sore the next day.

  1. They all had the same effects.

I never wanted to leave, except for this past time because I got sick on the last day.

These retreats bonded me to the people I was with, refueled my energy, and supplied peacefulness.

Schedule retreats for all the specific ages of your church.

Each demographic of your church can benefit from going on retreats every 6 months or so.

No matter the age, all people can experience growth by getting away from it all with other followers of Jesus.

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