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In churches during this time with so many options for people all over the spectrum, it is difficult to get all groups together with bonding activities since interests vary from generation to generation.

There are plenty of barriers to making a total church gathering including age differences, availability, and down to the use of the building.

Even so, it is still possible to get all church members together, no matter what generation they are in, and facilitate activities that everyone will enjoy.


5 Steps to Organizing Activities for Everyone

  1. Have a leaders meeting with each ministry demographic represented.

Get the leaders of the Children’s Ministry, Elderly Ministry, Young Adults Ministry, and all others together to schedule a day for all church members to get together.

  1. In the meeting, brainstorm ways to bridge the gap.

Have each leader throw out ideas of enjoyable activities that people of all ages would enjoy like playing board games, watching movie, or having a barbecue.

  1. Follow through with the event.

Announce the event one to two months before the date to increase the likelihood of people attending. Stress the importance of church unity being the goal of this event.

Once that date comes around, make sure all the leaders are there to interact with church members and to support the goal of church unity.

  1. Ask for feedback and have a follow-up meeting.

Send out a survey to church members asking if they enjoyed the event and what they liked most.

From the results of the survey, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the event to prepare for the next one.

  1. Repeat the process.

Church unity is a necessary goal to have in your church and in the body of Christ as a whole. If it didn’t go well, figure out why and then try something different for next time.

The hope is for your church to not only feel like it’s one, but to actually be one.

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