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The fact of life is that, no matter who you are, no one is perfect. This means that situations are handled poorly and heartlessly, creating pain in the lives of many.

Even though we all have done something hurtful to others, we feel as though we deserve kindness and respect anyway.

As my husband says about some people: they dish it out, but they can’t take it in return.

This mentality and reaction to hurtfulness is understandable, but we need to remember the the Christ-like response.


Jesus’ Life and Death Was an Act and Example of Grace

God’s creation disobeyed him in the beginning. They continued to forget the love of their creator time after time. God knew that this would last until the end of time.

Even so, God sent Jesus, his only son, to live on the earth in service to those who disobeyed him and to die for those who rejected him.

He offers forgiveness for the sins he died for.

The incredible thing is that we don’t deserve it! What have we done that would ever make us so deserving?

How This Good News Translates to Us

In response to this gift given to us by God through grace, we must give grace to those who have wronged us.

The truth is that we cannot have a hope of acting like Jesus without his help. Ask for Jesus to remind you of the strength he provides.

I think the first step to making this work is understanding that we’re all human and we all have an issue with sinfulness.

Approach those who have wronged you, but with the knowledge that Jesus has paid for their sin and has commanded you to point everyone back to him.

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