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Have you ever noticed just how powerful words are? In a split second, what someone says to you can make your day extremely wonderful or put you in a terrible mood.

If words are so impactful on our lives why do we choose to use them to hurt people? Why not be used intentionally to brighten someone’s day, bring you closer to them, or make them feel good about themselves?

Ten Outcomes of Positive Words

Positive Quote

Positive Quote

1.Compliment– This might seem superficial to some people, but just think about how good you feel when someone notices something about you that they like enough to you let you know. Whether it be if your haircut, great smile, exceptional intellect or etc. Compliments make you feel warm and bubbly inside.

2. Encouragement-Words really can motivate someone to start or continue doing something that is hard but good for them. Think about when you were doing something that was really tough and thought you weren’t making a difference and were ready to give up, until a person told you how much they admired your effort.

3. Love– The things we say to someone can be an ultimate expression of our love and affection. If the only thing they constantly hear is negative or complaints it can emotionally drain someone. However, if you speak with love and genuinely express their value to you, can change a whole relationship.

4. Deep conversation– Words can cultivate intimate conversations. Rather than talking about mundane or surface level topics we can instead bring up important, deep, personal conversations. This is how you truly get to know people.

5. Approval– The use of words can provide someone with approval. As humans, we are desperate to be liked. Simply granting your acceptance sometimes can mean the world to people.

6. Praise– God should be praised, above all. However, it is good to acknowledge other’s hearts and the work they do. Receiving praise is the pat on the back needed to keep up the good work.

7. Respect– Every human longs to be respected. Why use your words to tear someone down and make them feel beneath you? Rather lift them up with respect and make them feel worthy.

8. Vulnerability– Being honest with people about your true feelings and motives can be tough. Our first reaction is to hide them so we won’t be vulnerable, therefore they cannot hurt us. However, this is how people grow and iron sharpens iron (Proverbs 27:17). You can’t learn or become close to someone if you are hiding who you truly are.

Scripture’s Thoughts

This is why I highly encourage you to think before you speak. As James 1:19 says, “everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry”. The tongue is one of the most deceitful things about us (Psalms 120:2). God blesses the ones that use the tongue for good not evil. To lift people’s spirits, not bring them down.

We all already have ourselves and the devil whispering enough lies in our minds, so let us instead build one another up with truth and love.

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