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During the harsh winter in 1777, General Washington led the Colonial troops at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. Food, warm clothing, and supplies were scarce and the hardships were immense. A local man named Isaac Potts was walking among the oaks early one morning and heard a voice echoing through the trees. As he neared its origin, he saw General Washington kneeling in the snow, earnestly praying for his troops.

Potts returned with excitement to his wife and exclaimed, “I have this day seen what I never expected. Thee knows that I always thought that the sword and the gospel were utterly inconsistent and that no man could be a soldier and a Christian at the same time. But George Washington has this day convinced me of my mistake.”

After relating what he had seen, and concluded with this prophetic remark, “If George Washington be not a man of God, I am greatly deceived– and still more shall I be deceived, if God do not, through him, work out a great salvation for America.”