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Let Jesus Heal You

Let Jesus Heal You.

The 10 R’s

So, I have to confess recently that I while stayed fairly disciplined on my diet, I have goofed up recently.  In a way, this is intentional because I wanted to get the idea that I was deprived from certain foods out of my system.  However, I realize this was a futile cycle that probably did more harm than good.  Added onto that is the fact that my diet severely interfered with my academic productivity.  This has placed me under a lot of guilt.

I think the most important thing I learned is that we need to rest in what Jesus did this weekend (And EVERY WEEKEND).  To do more action than simply believing in that is to discount the significance of his work.  So rather than look at this weekend as “extra homework” time, I have embraced it as a time to contemplate and reflect on what the past few months’ challenges have taught me.

This template was structured  based on a handout from naturopath  Michael Taylor.  Check out Michael’s church, Crossroads,<–Click! 

As many people probably know, your mental and spiritual health is just as important as your physical health.  Often, one will manifest in the other two.

1. Recognize what it is. For me…it is feeling that I am not good enough.  I try to meet certain standards and feel all kinds of anxiety when I fall short of those standards.

2. Take Responsibility for what you recognize.  While many have heaped expectations on me in my childhood, I have to take full responsibility for how I let these impact me.  I need to recognize that I submit to this more often than the Gospel message.

3. Repent to God for participating with what you recognize.  I repent that I do not always rest in the fact that you died for me unconditionally.  Often, I seek other things to justify my self-worth.

Release your guilt.

Release your guilt.

4. Renounce what you recognize and make it your enemy.  I recognize that I am often accounting for my past failures, and I do not often take confidence in the road that God has paved for me.  Thus, I will work to rebuke those in my mind who undermine this story. 

5. Remove it once and for all.

6. Replace it with what God says about you in this area or way.  God states that I am fearfully and wonderfully made because He created me in His image.  My dignity comes from being created by Him, not what I do, how much I do, where I have progressed.  Furthermore, He has made my body to be His Temple, which I should keep holy.

7. Receive God’s blessing and healing.  I will value my body above any achievements I can attain in this life.  To neglect my body would be a disservice to me and Him as His beloved Creation.

8. Resist it when it tries to come back.  I will go to bed, even if that voice inside my head states, “Why put off something to tomorrow that you can work on tonight?” The truth is: it doesn’t get done efficiently anyway.

9. Rejoice and give God thanks for setting you free.  I praise the Lord that I can rest every night realizing that He has completed the most important work in my life.

10. Restore someone else by helping them get free.  I will encourage other overachievers with this message.  This includes others who may have set goals and feel discouraged by having fallen short.  


Prayer of Repentance and filling of the Holy Spirit


I repent from embracing the spirit(s) of . I renounce my ties to this (these) spirit(s) (self-achievement).

I take responsibility in my generation and in the generations of my family on my mother’s side and on

my father’s side all the way back to Adam and Eve for embracing the spirit(s) of (self-achievement).

I wish for and receive Your forgiveness, Father, and I recognize that the curse is broken by the power,

authority and finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ and I declare this in my life and to my soul as

well as to all the generations before me and all those after me, the ties that we had to these spirits are

broken, and have come to dissolution! You spirits leave (and don’t return again)!

Holy Spirit be in and through me, I am filled with the Holy Spirit; the Holy Spirit guides and directs

me into the blessing of the covenant which the Living God extends to me; He cares for me tenderly and

affectionately, and is my rear-guard, He protects me and makes up for my deficiencies in all ways.

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