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If your church community is anything like mine, we love to revisit some of the same workshops on an annual basis.

They become familiar, but still teach you something that you did not consider before. The best thing is reuniting with the same people each time and sharing old memories.

The yearly workshops should have an applicable theme every year for the sake of retention and accountability.

My Top Three Workshop Ideas

  1. Marriage Workshop

My mom’s church has a marriage workshop every year lasting for about 8 weeks. This workshop, meant for married couples, teaches them the tools to use when working through issues as well as tips for how to respect and love each other.

  1. Ministry Refocusing Workshop

I just came back from one of these workshops not too long ago. It was in the form of a weekend retreat where the head of our ministry led us through activities that caused us to grow with Jesus, with each other, and with the community we serve.

  1. Prayer Workshop

The heart of church community is our line of communication with Jesus. A lot of people struggle with what to say during prayer, and it may just be a struggle to pray aloud. Whatever the case, teaching people how to pray will open their hearts to sharing with Jesus.

Pick a Theme that Connects to Your Church

There are countless things to focus on for church workshops, but there may only be a handful of topics your church needs to hear about.

Take time to get to know your church’s needs and pick the theme of the workshop based on that. Send out a survey in the church bulletin to get an idea!

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