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Schedule your life better so that you are blogging and doing the other things in your life at a better hour.

Schedule your life better so that you are blogging and doing the other things in your life at a better hour.

Are you scheduling at your optimum?

Have you ever had those days when you plan out your schedule but realize your biorhythms and productivity for that task is not really up to productivity?  During Spring Break, sometimes I slow down more than I want to.  There are other times when I need to pull away from my current task in order to practice piano and realize that I’m glad I did because my brain took to practicing much better than spending an extra hour on an assignment.  This made me realize that ideally we all have a circadian rhythm that we should follow because when it conflicts with our goals and personal ideas of what should be done first, unproductive hours and unsatisfactory waste of time follows.

Do you feel you generate great ideas but forget them when you actually sit down to write?

This happens to me a lot. For example, I will think up a great idea randomly during class one day, and then a few days later, I either forget what I thought of or the “awesome details” I have to add to that.  This can be kind of frustrating.  Apparently this is a frequent occurrence.

Here are some tips to having a more productive day, blogging or otherwise.

1. Figure out your priority list of tasks and when you are most productive at each task.  Include patterns.

For my friend, who is the other piano major, and I, we realize it is best to sometimes better to start out with practicing piano before doing homework  after a long day of classes to “rejuvenate” the brain.  So for me, often times, I will practice before I sit down to write a blog post.  Often, playing piano (when I am not in sharp pain) puts me in a soothing mode to really focus on one thing at a time.

Note: Be aware of your “dead times.”

For me, I like to work out by running or using the elliptical around the 3 to 5 time frame because that is when my productivity hits an all-time low.  Then, when I obey that, my productivity soars up during the rest of the week.

2.  Write down ideas when you have them with some relevant details to look at when you sit down to write.

This is a suggestion from SEO practitioner Reverend Stephen B. Henry.  Always have a notepad/sticky notes and pen handy when you think up something to write about.  I would bullet list a couple details with the proposed blogging title so your brain can jumpstart to what you were talking about previously when you finally sit down to write.

3. Try to blog at a regular time every week.

Your body works well in regular rhythms.  For example, you probably notice that your body tends to expect food at certain times of the day, and so do your pets.  (My cats tend to be more agreeable around 5, or the time they get wet food.)  Thus, you should aim to blog at a certain time of the day on certain days every week.  While this may not be every day.  Pick two or three days where this time will definitely work.  You can also set an incentive to hold you accountable.

4. Do not try to cram posts because this generally can lead to burn-out.

While this is something I am guilty of because of school and life, it is generally better to do things gradually.  This trains your brain to realize that blogging is not extremely hard when you are not working on 10 posts in one session.  People say that the average attention span of a person varies from between five to twenty minutes.

5. Take care of the important but not urgent things in your life.

I took a music ministry job preparation course last semester.   This is an important rule in general for work life balance.  I have noticed that sometimes when I stop doing the things I want to to do the things I feel I have to do, I start losing satisfaction and joy in what I do.  In order to have great creativity and mental/emotional flow, we must put ourselves in a place where we are satisfied with the things in our lives.

Important Spiritual Takeaway from This Realization

 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”-Proverbs 3:5

I have a tendency to want to “get certain things out of the way” before I complete the things I enjoy doing.  (I guess I tend to process tasks in clumps.)  I think God has been showing me recently that I need to let myself stop an activity to work on another project that I gain more satisfaction from and come back to that project later.  Again, this is reflective of an end-gaining habit I have.

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