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If you’ve been involved in a church long enough, the terms “prayer partner” and “accountability partner” probably seem familiar to you. Upon random thought one day, I wondered if the terms are interchangeable or if there are specific things that set one apart from the other.

So, I decided to make a list of things prayer partners should do. Then, I made a list of what accountability partners should do.

As it turns out, the terms, according to my lists, mean the same thing and those involved with either do the same.

5 Things Accountability Partners and Prayer Partners Do.

  1. They pray together.

This is the obvious item if the people call themselves “prayer partners,” but it should be true of accountability partners as well.

  1. They share together.

This is the obvious item if the people called themselves “accountability partners,” but in order to pray, both people have to share about what’s going on in their lives! That’s what Campus Crusade for Christ, now called Cru, encourages with their push for discipleship.

  1. They freely call each other if something comes up.

Whether they need immediate prayer or someone to talk to, those involved should feel free to call the other with no awkwardness or feeling of imposition.

  1. They provide honest feedback on the other person’s life choices.

Whether it’s to encourage or to advise, accountability partners and prayer partners must call out the other’s strengths as well as growing points.

  1. They join with other Christ followers.

At the end of all the talk and prayer, accountability partners go out and spend time with other Christ followers to build relationships and to grow spiritually.

Find a prayer or accountability partner of your own!

Participate in the community of Jesus by asking someone if they would come alongside you for support and to challenge you. Offer the same for them, too!

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