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As your church grows in number, more and more ministry groups will form. When more groups form, they will need space to get together.

Depending on your church’s size, you may be able to easily offer space at any time. For example the Vineyard Community Church hosts a branch of Cincinnati Christian University in their space.

On the other hand, you may have a limited amount of space. When multiple groups want to use the space, you will have to either get creative or make an event schedule indicating the rooms in use for that day.

3 Tips to Maximize Space in Your Church

  1. Install room dividers.

This may not keep out all of the different noises, but it will turn one room into two when you’re in need of hosting more than one group.

  1. Create an outdoor space for nice days.

If the prayer team needs to meet, but band practice is going on, have the prayer team retreat to a comfortable space outside. This depends on the weather, of course. For several months of the year, it would definitely work.

  1. Convert a section of the basement into a multi-purpose room.

If you have a basement that could fit 20 or more people, section off a piece of it, throw some carpet down, and have your meeting!

Do What Works Best for You

At the end of the day, or the end of this article, you will know what works the best. But before you say no to one group and yes to another, think of what could be rearranged or added that would make for a quick fix to the problem of space.

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