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Possibility Beyond Restrictive Diet:

In my journey with pain, I learned three things about treatment.

1. Do the things that fix the symptoms temporarily and to manage pain in the interim.

This included the massages, chiropractic adjustments, Icy Hot, tea tree oil, etc.  While these things either numb the pain or reverse the damage you have done.  It doesn’t actually fix  what you doing to cause the problem or the muscle imbalance that is taking place.

2. Do the things that fix the problem long-term.

This included strengthening muscles, applying healthy movement methods, eating right, developing a positive mindset, sleeping on a jar 10 minutes a day to restore my neck curve, etc. If no. 2 is ignored then it will come back.

My friend and I were discussing the fact that while restricting ourselves on a certain diet seems necessary and pragmatic right now, it may not be the greatest option to live with long-term.  Hence, it is like conducting no. 1  While we both enjoy the discipline of it and the extra motivation to eat healthy, there are drawbacks when trying new foods is not totally convenient.  Furthermore, it only avoids the symptoms, not curing the deeper problem.  Hopefully long-term, our gut linings can be cured through a few strategies, including gelatin, beets, and lastly, hopefully bone broth.  Of course, we will both still probably stick with the restrictive diet just because it will take a while for the other components to implement benefits, which is restoring organs and, in particular, the gut lining.  Here is a great recipe as well as the benefits of bone broth.

Looking back, I drank a lot of bone broth as a child.  We would often add other goodies into the soup, such as Goji berries, dates, etc.  That has definitely had more nutrient dense material than the foods I eat now.

One reason I am in Alexander Technique is because it forces me to think about long-term health principles regularly.

3. Having pain is not always a sign of failure.  Focus on the fact that it is hurting less, not that it is hurting.

I tend to associate pain with my self-worth.  My Alexander Technique teacher, Jennifer, said that pain is your friend, helping you recognize what you are doing wrong.

Recently, I read in an Alexander Technique book that sometimes the more we worry about pain, the more we trigger the amygdala (emotional center of brain) to respond defensively.  This makes the pain you feel worse.

Proof That It is A Method Used in the Bible:

Ezekiel 24:10:  “So heap on the wood and kindle the fire. Cook the meat well, mixing in the spices; and let the bones be charred.”

Here is an additional chicken stock bone broth recipe from Temple of Prayer Family Worship Cathedral’s newsletter.

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This looks like a great new idea for my off-campus friends who are huge crock pot aficionados.

This looks like a great new idea for my off-campus friends who are huge crock pot aficionados.