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Avoid the temporary high of coffee to build long-term stamina.

Avoid the temporary high of coffee to build long-term stamina.

Here are several ways to be awake and still avoid the negative side effects of coffee.  Coffee is not completely healthy for the digestive system, spine, adrenal glands, hormones, skin, etc.  Some are things you can eat, while others are things you do.  Also, I take voice lessons.  I try not to drink lots of coffee because it dries out my throat.  According to Michael Taylor, it can also cause fibroids in women

1. Apple Cider Vinegar (I drink apple cider vinegar in the morning or at night at times, and this definitely wakes you up.)

2. Ginseng

3. Ginkgo Biloba

4. Apples

5. Jogging

6. Go swimming

7. Coconut Oil

8. Quinoa

9. Watermelon (Any water-filled fruit is probably a good source.)

10. Glass of Water

11. Cantaloupe

12. Berries

13. Lentils

14. Oatmeal

15. Cayenne Pepper

16. Nuts

17. White-meat Chicken

18. Eggs

19. Nut Butter

20. Chicory Root Coffee Substitute (Chicory root also helps feed good bacteria in your gut.)

21. Teeccino

22. Peppermint Tea

23. Maca

24. Dark Chocolate

25. Green Tea

26. Yerba mate (This stuff does remind me of hay though.  Think about that quote from Napoleon Dynamite about the “cow going through the onion patch” but minus the onion.)

27. Almonds

28. Bananas

29. Bran flakes

30. Salmon

31. Curry

32. Coconut Itself

33. Wheat

34. Kamut

35. Brown Rice

36. Spelt

37. Lemons

38. Limes

39. Greek Yogurt

40. Kale

41. Chai

42. Ashwaghandha

43. Cha debugre

44. Dandelion Root Blend

45. Water with Lemon (Simply combine two of the above :).)

Note to Christians…

It is very true that coffee (and also tea) are a huge part of Christian culture, especially in a world where fellowship is associated with drinking.  However, this is more aimed at reducing excessive coffee drinking.  (If you take 4 to 5 cups a day, you are encouraged to drop to 1 to 3.)  This way, we do not let a beverage hinder our relationship with God.

This topic is also very dear to me because excess coffee was probably one of the root causes with my bout with pain.  When I went to get an X-ray, the chiropractor told me that I had a major calcified ligament where my neck attaches to the rest of the spine.  According to a different physical therapist, having a lot of coffee can contribute to the calcification.  The reason I am sharing this is because since I left my coffee habit unchecked, it contributed to a life altering event where God definitely clearly let me know he wanted my submission.

In addition, I realized that coffee replaced a lot of my answer for lack of productivity.  Instead of calming down and trying to seek Christ whenever I was fatigued and needed recharging, I often took to the habit.  (At one point, I could probably drink at least 4 shots of espresso a day, and it didn’t really make an impact.)  Coffee had clearly become an idol in my relationship with God.

So the lesson here, by all means, hold that coffee and Bible study session at Panera, your house, or wherever you normally do.  Just make sure that your personal consumption does not conflict severely with the Scriptural advice in the Bible.

As a homage to responsible coffee drinking, check out Corner BLOC Coffee Shop, built by the founders of faith-based BLOC Ministries as a way to bring an additional positive space into the Price Hill community and promote deeper community involvement.

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