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These days, it takes time to build relationships with people you can trust with absolutely everything. At the same time, you may feel as though you’d make a great friend to someone, but things aren’t developing.

Something to consider is that quality of friendships completely outweighs quantity of friendships. Don’t feel discouraged if you think you’re not great with making new friends. Most of the time, having two or three great friends is the right amount.

As you make decisions with what information you wish to tell certain people, it helps to know what attributes to look out for.

I get that everyone is different, but I believe there are four qualities that every person who wishes to invest in another person (and vice versa) should have.

Look for These Four Qualities in Your Friends and in Yourself

  1. They listen selflessly.

Good friends serving as accountability partners will make sure that the other person is heard. If one person talks the entire time, the other person may feel unimportant or used.

  1. They share feedback gently, but honestly.

It’s important for accountability partners to speak the truth, but in a way that gives hope to the other person. Don’t talk about something they need to change without pointing out their strength.

  1. They are there consistently.

Accountability partners should feel free to contact each other when needed. Both should make an effort to meet regularly because it shows that the other person is cared for.

  1. They want to be like Jesus.

If you have an accountability partner who seeks Jesus and wants to follow him, then you have a solid foundation of a great relationship. Those who are rooted in Jesus will long to be selfless, honest, and consistent.

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