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In my accounting class earlier this week, I was blessed to hear a CEO say that the job we go into as business leaders is equally a  mission field as the missionary or pastor who goes to his job.  Even at a Christian college, this theme is overlooked in our perspectives of college coursework.

As I mentioned in a previous article, the key to building significance in anything you do is to tie everything to God.   This does not mean we view God as an obligation. Rather, God is giving you a purpose that will help you continue, no matter how uncertain the circumstances are.  Here are some simple tips to help you maintain a missionary worldview in the marketplace.

The Secret: View Everyone As a “Child of God.”

For me, it is very easy to feel intimidated by someone’s status or seniority.  This could be due to my native cultural upbringing, where seniority, rank, etc. influence how one should view someone else significantly.  This can create awe, reverence, distance, or even intimidation.

The truth is when you view everyone as a child of God, people can seem less intimidating because you realize that God made each of us equally in His image.  Thus, we all deserve love from Him and each other in equal amounts.  It also means not one of us is better or worse than another.

 My friends who go out of their way to see everyone as a child of God have shown some of the greatest unconditional love I have seen.  I have been blessed to receive some of that love, even when I don’t feel I deserve it.  

Purpose: Stoke the Fires of Missionary Zeal

Have you ever seen a small child wonder around lost at an amusement park or another public place and instantly felt concern? You don’t want to seem like the bad person every parent is afraid of.  However, you want to make sure the child gets to where he or she should be going: back to his or her parents.

That is what viewing everyone as God’s child should evoke for a person.  While you cannot micromanage a coworker like you would a small child, you want to help get that person to head in a direction where they came from: our Father.  People tend to have more unconditional love for children.  So even if we may not get along with every coworker, we can apply this mindset in order to glorify God’s Kingdom.

Ways You Can Express This Zeal

 1. Encourage someone in an unique way.

Really think about what gifts God has blessed that person with that makes him or her stand out in the marketplace.  Then pay a genuine compliment.

 2. Invite someone in your office to do something together…without a motive.

People may be suspicious of this and refuse at first, but hey, at least you put in the effort.  People will take note of that.

 3. Pursue excellence because it glorifies God, not yourself.

When we stand out in our integrity and work quality but balance it with humility, people will notice and wonder: why is this person amazingly so?  This curiosity could plant a seed.

Yes, you may feel that you are the "only Christian" at your workplace, but you are  NEVER the only child of God.

Yes, you may feel that you are the “only Christian” at your workplace, but you are NEVER the only child of God.

Here is an article from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary on businessmen viewing the marketplace as a missionary field.

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