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Ever since the beginning of the Church, close to 2000 years ago, Satan has used countless methods to break apart individuals and then the community of Christ followers around them.

Even though time has moved along, I find that he uses the same methods with Christ followers now.

5 ways Satan tries to attack the church

  1. Satan tries to attack the church through the surrounding culture.

Back in Paul’s time, Satan used Rome: their gods, their behaviors, and their force. Today, he uses technology and the media to distract us from what’s important.

  1. Satan tries to attack the church through unnecessary arguments.

Most of the conflict in churches today are caused by the “I’m right and you’re wrong” mentality. Everyone has opinions and it is way easier to assert them rather than to hear what others think.

I believe if we stand firm on what we know is absolutely true and let the gray areas be, we will begin to love each other well and reduce silly fights! Don’t allow Satan to have a foot in the door.

  1. Satan tries to attack the church through it’s past.

Is anyone haunted or reminded often of their past? Satan uses or past mistakes and regrets to keep us from loving ourselves and from leaving our comfort zone.

Paul tells the Galatians that he no longer lives because Christ lives in him. For Christians, this means that our past no longer has a hold on us because Jesus does!

No matter what you’ve done, Jesus died for that. It’s great to be humbled, but it’s even better to accept the grace that Jesus gives to you!

Don’t believe Satan’s lies about your worth.

  1. Satan tries to attack the church through lies of identity.

This point goes along with the one before. People often associate who they are with their actions or thoughts.

This is a great foothold for Satan because he can make you forget who you actually are.

And who are you?… If you are a Christian, you are hidden in Christ! This means that when God looks at you, he doesn’t see your mistakes, he sees Jesus!

  1. Satan tries to attack the church through doubt.

Satan knows we are visual being who like to see proof before we place our trust in something.

He also knows that we cannot physically see God, so he convinces us to test Him, thus leading to disappointment.

I hope this helps: in the morning, watch the sun rise. For vacation, go to the mountains or a beach. The earth is filled with His glory.

Overcome Satan’s lies and remember the Truth

Now that you are aware of what Satan tries to do, do things that shut him down! Spend time in God’s presence through studying His word, through prayer, and through community with others.

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