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After much internal conflict with deciding which college to attend, I came to the conclusion that a Christian college would best suit my interests regarding higher education.

The first thing I noticed, even on a small campus, was that community is hard to join if I just sat back and watched.

My suggestion: Find a place to get involved on campus

As I am very introverted, it was difficult for me to jump into the fun even though there was plenty to do with others.

After I found a group that shared my interests and after I stepped outside of my comfort zone, I felt like I belonged on that campus.

Now on the other side of college (as I graduate in less than a month) I would implore incoming freshmen to find a campus group and join for the benefit of campus community.

Where should you begin?

  1. For larger schools, find out if there is a campus ministry to join.

For example, my sister and cousin both attend UC and are involved with Cru, also known as Campus Crusade for Christ.

I noticed a huge change in my sister especially after she became involved with that ministry.

Instead of staying home to watch TV as she normally did, she went to Cru events and eventually made a group of friends!

Even if the school is a small public college, find out if there is a similar organization.

  1. For small, Christian schools, mark your calendar when a campus event is announced.

Go to the athletic events, participate in Bible study groups, do service projects, or go to chapel!

Once you start to see the same faces more often, doing the above activities will help you to build relationships with them.

  1. No matter the size of your college, find a community-oriented local church.

Find a church to attend with a few friends that has Bible study groups set up.

My husband and I made a couple great friends through attending a Bible study set up by Christ the King church in Cincinnati, OH.

The key to community is consistency

Don’t expect to attend one event one time and become part of the community. Commit to attending one or two events per week to hang out with friends and meet new people.

Don’t be the hermit like I was during my first semester!

Step outside your comfort zone each week to establish yourself on campus.

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