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With all the hustle and bustle of society these days, I feel like there is never a silent moment. Can you remember the last time you were in complete silence and were only left with your thoughts?

15 Common Noise Distractions in our Every Day Lives



1. Music in our car

2. Music while we are in the shower

3. Music while we are working out

4. Music while we are doing homework

5. Music while we are having a social gathering

6. Sound from the TV

7. We are on snapchat

8. We are on Facebook

9. We are on Twitter

10. We are on Instagram

11. We are on Pinterest

12. We are one Youtube

13. Video Games

14. We are on Candy Crush

15. We are on Trivia Crack

Those are only the first fifteen things that came off the top of my head. The point being, there are so many distractions easily and readily available at our fingertips. When we are presented the options between watching our favorite TV show or reading a book, more often than no,t we will probably pick watching TV.

When then do we make time to meditate on God’s word and be in prayer with Him?

I’d argue there is no time for silence and listening to God’s voice unless we make it a priority in our daily routines.

The excuses “I’m too busy” or “I don’t have enough time” are never valid excuses. If we want to make time for something we will because they are one of our top priorities. Don’t make excuses for not doing something, for it is a choice. If you do not do something it is simply because you do not want to, but because there

Don’t make excuses for not doing something, for it is a choice. If you do not do something it is simply because you do not want to not because there are not enough hours in the day.

My challenge and prayer to you is to intentionally place God, prayer, and His word at the very top of your priority list each and every day. 

Set aside temptations and distractions and make time to learn the voice of your Heavenly Father. So that we can be still, and know God (Psalms 46:10)

Practical Ideas for Making Time for God



1. Have the U Version bible app read the bible to you aloud while you are driving, instead of listening to music

2. Cut out one of your TV shows each day and replace it with reading God’s word

3. Take 15 minutes away from a call to your boyfriend or friend and have prayer time

4. Pray every morning and night

5. Sacrifice your Sunday mornings sleep in for church

6. Give up one night a week to join a small group

 7. A couple times a month volunteer somewhere you are passionate about

8. Interact with others about Jesus

9. Encourage others to make God a priority

10. Preach the Gospel to everyone in everything you do