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I have attended churches that offer little to no extra-curricular activities, so to speak. That drives me crazy! The people of the congregation walked through the church doors, sat with their friends and family, listened to a sermon, and left.

Sure, there was some visiting before and after the service, but visitors, such as myself were overlooked and had no option of joining a group to get to know people.

Alternatively, I have attended two churches that provided groups outside of the service on Sunday and did it well.

The first being Faith Church in Milford, OH and the second being Christ the King in Cincinnati, OH.

What did they do that was so effective?

There are pages of lists of things Faith Church does to promote community outside of Sunday Morning, but I’ll give you four points.

  1. They provide both an adult and a children’s choir.

Once every three months, the adult and children’s choir take turns singing before the Sunday morning attendees, and sometimes sing together.

I love the idea of having a church choir because those who share in the interest of music and singing can join together for weekly practices led by the Director of Worship.

This gives participants the chance to get to know different people and also one of the staff members of the church.

Furthermore, the children get to participate in this organized activity that promotes creativity, music, and teamwork.

  1. They are all about Bible study groups and home churches.

When I attended this church, our pastor gave an entire sermon on how home churches are great facilitators of developing community within the church.

I do not attend this church anymore, but I see posts on Facebook from people who still attend and they still meet weekly with their original group!

I used to babysit for one of the groups and the kids who I babysat are still friends to this day.

  1. They have a group for adults who are 50-years-old and over.

They organize day trips often to get the older folk out of the house and enjoy small adventures here and there.

Additionally, as people get into their 70’s, their desire to leave the house decreases. This group gets them excited about leaving the house and interacting with people who are their age.

  1. They have an excellent youth group for junior high and high school students.

I grew up going to that youth group, so I can testify about how much fun I had! The leaders had two or three events scheduled every month and most of the kids would attend.

It eventually got to the point where we would all schedule events on our own to hang out! A few of us even started a Bible study on our own.

The youth group also set up Bible studies that met weekly. My favorite Bible study happened during my senior year. Our youth pastor and his associate pastor would pick us up from the high school, take us to the gas station to get polar pops, and then drive us to church to go through a book of the Bible.

Now, on to the other church…

Christ the King is a younger church, but it grows more and more each week. Just as Faith Church has, this church offers a few ways of gathering people outside of Sunday services. I expect there will be more to offer in the years to come.

  1. They offer Bible study groups

Christ the King has several Bible study groups, called city groups, where people can sign up to attend.

They meet each week and discuss the sermon that was given the past Sunday.

The first hour of the meeting time is spent visiting with other members of the group. This is how my husband and I made great friends with a few of the people.

  1. There are women’s and men’s groups that organize meeting times for women to visit with each other and for men to visit with each other.

It’s always good to bond with other church members of your gender to offer accountability support and friendship.

The last women’s event I heard of was a fun tea party!

The church sets aside weekends for women’s and men’s retreats as well.

  1. They have a kids club!

There is no youth group because most attendees are families with young children, but there is a Sunday school available for them.

Parents drop the kids off to hear a lesson of the Bible presented to match their level of understanding, and then the parents pick them up right before the final worship set.

Based on the above lists…

I recommend attending a church that has similar group offerings. This is especially important if you’re not an outgoing person.

These groups will help you and your children make friends and understand how impactful church community is.

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