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Everyone experiences emotions on a day-to-day basis. Some struggle with being angry, selfish, sad, and prideful or many others. A person might try to suppress all of their emotions and think that is good and controlled and others let them show all over the place.

However, emotions are not all bad. How we handle them is what can get us into trouble. They make us human.

The most important thing is to determine your true motive behind what you are feeling, by asking yourself why you truly feel that way. You would be surprised how many times it boiled down to being selfish or prideful.

1. Why am I feeling this way? – Is it because I am being selfish and think I should be put first. Am I feeling jealous or insecure?

2. Is it my flesh that’s taking control? – More than not it is my flesh that is trying to take over and get me riled up.

3. Is it important enough to confront someone about? – Is it my problem and I need to work on it or should I confront someone with truth and love?

4. Be humble– In every situation it is important to remain humble. For when we do not our judgment is clouded and we can only see our wants and needs.

5. Forgive – Never be too proud to ask for forgiveness or forgive someone. God forgives us of our sins so who are we to deny someone, or even ourselves, forgiveness.

As a result, I try with the help of the Holy Spirit, to discern if my flesh or spirit is talking. The feelings and emotions cause by listening to my natural sinful self I suppress. If it is a voice of the spirit I will act on it. If that means confronting someone on how they made me feel or even asking those for forgiveness if I know I did something wrong.

When I realize it is an emotion associated with my flesh I first pray and give it to God. Then I look at it as a growing experience. I can soon start to identify all my true motives and learn how to deal with them. For even our own hearts are one of the most deceitful forces, and that is why it is evident we need the help of the Holy Spirit for discernment (Jeremiah 17:9).