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All I hear my cousin (and best friend) talk about anymore is how she meets with another girl from CRU and serves as her discipler or mentor. She also mentions how she is discipled by someone as well.

As I previously mentioned in an article about accountability partners, having someone to listen to you and give you guidance is important for spiritual growth.

Additionally, having a discipler is important as he or she may become a great friend of yours! Or, if you are discipling someone, they may come to value your friendship as well.

Based on what I’ve heard and experienced, I’d like to share some reasons for why discipleship is so important.

3 reasons why discipleship is essential

1. Discipleship models Jesus’ relationship with his followers.

Jesus had many followers who listened to his teachings and observed his lifestyle. Jesus allowed them to follow him so that they would learn about the kingdom of God.

This is what disciplers should model their meetings with another person after. They should point the person they are discipling to the kingdom of God.

2. Discipleship builds a community of believers

It’s easy to let yourself slip away from talking to anyone about issues you are experiences, but having a discipler prevents that from happening.

If you schedule consistent, weekly meetings with someone to ask for advice or simply just to talk, it will take a load of pressure off of you.

It also allows for the discipler to share their experiences as lessons to the person being discipled.

3. Discipleship can lead to friendships

An example of this is again with my cousin’s experience. The girl who asked my cousin to disciple her just recently asked her to be one of her bridesmaids!

As a result of both people sharing personal information back and forth, it leads to deep trust and confidence in the other person.

How do I get a discipler?

The simplest way to get a discipler is to ask someone who you have observed as spiritually mature.

It may be uncomfortable at first, but if you are consistent with your meetings, you’ll grow to being comfortable.

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