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I’ve asked one of my wise and passionate friend’s, Jonathan Staton, to write a blog about what we truly need in our lives and this is what he had to share.

I love math, and by far this equation is my favorite.  It rules over our lives, its truth cries out louder than any other equation and it is one that we must remind ourselves of daily.  But first, we are missing part of the equation (perhaps something we can do, chase, bring to the table, or even believe), so let us try to figure out what the missing part might be!

1. Money



2. Good deeds

3. Faith

4. Health

5. Nothing

These are a few of the options, nowhere near an exhaustive list, we could choose from.  Do you think you know the answer?  Let’s find out.

Faith—Some of you may have chosen this as your answer. But even this really isn’t the correct one!  Everybody is a person of faith, whether they want to admit it or not.  Everybody has to believe in something that they haven’t witnessed for themselves.  Don’t believe me?  Ask anybody where the world came from.

We see in Job 38:4 that God asks Job where Job was when He laid the foundations of the world.  Turns out Job didn’t exist yet, and neither did any person.  So we all have to place our faith somewhere—the important part is where.  Even if the answer was “faith in Jesus” I still wouldn’t say it is the “x” in the equation.

We cannot bring our faith in Jesus to the table.  Why?  Because Jesus is the one who gave us the faith in the first place!  We cannot incline our hearts toward God, ever.  If this were the case, why did we need the Holy Spirit?  Couldn’t we just keep directing our hearts to pursue Him?  Which came first—your new heart or your faith in Jesus?

We need the Holy Spirit to give us NEW hearts so we can believe in Him since we were born into the bondage of sin and cannot escape its grasp by our own power, or even by our own faith in Jesus.  Jesus gave us a new heart as well as our faith in Him as a gift, so you cannot even bring this to the table because Jesus already did.