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I’ve asked one of my wise and passionate friend’s, Jonathan Staton, to write a blog about what we truly need in our lives and this is what he had to share.

I love math, and by far this equation is my favorite.  It rules over our lives, its truth cries out louder than any other equation and it is one that we must remind ourselves of daily.  But first, we are missing part of the equation (perhaps something we can do, chase, bring to the table, or even believe), so let us try to figure out what the missing part might be!

1. Money



2. Good deeds

3. Faith

4. Health

5. Nothing

These are a few of the options, nowhere near an exhaustive list, we could choose from.  Do you think you know the answer?  Let’s find out.

Health—I’ve met many people in my life with health issues. I believe some have a great perspective on their issues while others fail to fully grasp the reality of their situation.  It is important to keep our body and mind healthy, but when people are aging or have an illness it can make them forget what living really is!

When Jesus came to give life, he didn’t say that we start living when we die, but rather we have eternal life. This means that we never have to stop living!  So, yes, it will be glorious when we won’t have to struggle with a decaying body, but even though we are in one now that shouldn’t slow us down from our new life with Jesus. 

From the day Jesus saves us, we are permanently healthy in the sense that our soul can never be destroyed, never plucked from the Father’s hand, we never have to die—we now have life, and His name is Jesus.  Jesus doesn’t need our physical body to be healthy; He’s worked in amazing ways through people who aren’t.  In regards to Jesus forgiving and then healing the paraplegic, He asks the Pharisees which is easier—to heal a man’s legs or to forgive his sins.  Jesus gives us the ultimate health; He raises us up from the dead to walk.