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I’ve asked one of my wise and passionate friend’s, Jonathan Staton, to write a blog about what we truly need in our lives and this is what he had to share.

I love math, and by far this equation is my favorite.  It rules over our lives, its truth cries out louder than any other equation and it is one that we must remind ourselves of daily.  But first, we are missing part of the equation (perhaps something we can do, chase, bring to the table, or even believe), so let us try to figure out what the missing part might be!

1. Money

Jesus is all We Need

Jesus is all We Need

2. Good deeds

3. Faith

4. Health

5. Nothing

These are a few of the options, nowhere near an exhaustive list, we could choose from.  Do you think you know the answer?  Let’s find out.

Nothing– Is there anything that we can bring to the table?  Can we find happiness in other areas?  Or maybe is Jesus not enough and we just need to add this one other thing to make us happy?

Whatever it is, our flesh tries to convince us that we just need it along with Jesus.  Or the flesh attempts to  convince us that we need to offer something, whether that’s good works, our faith, our self-righteousness, our efforts or our altruistic morals.

But in all reality, the equation that governs the entire system is Jesus + Nothing = Everything.  There is nothing that we can bring to the table (apart from our sin, which we do so consistently).  There is nothing we need to add in.  Jesus is Life, the Way, and the Truth.

Everything is dead without Him, lost without Him, and only true based on Him (by sheer definition of the words “truth” and “true”—things are true only when they agree with the truth).  By Him, through Him, and for Him all things exist.  That spells Jesus + Nothing = Everything if you ask me!