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The men who wrote our Constitution did so on their understanding of the fallen nature of their fellow man and the paramount need to deal with that reality in respect to establishing a government and protecting the citizens from its certain excesses.

Adam and Eve

They had a keen recognition that mankind’s essential nature has remained unchanged since Adam and Eve developed a fondness for apples from a certain tree. They knew that thanks to our fallen nature that we would more often than not succumb to the lure of a host of forbidden apples. And they understood that mankind will always resist foolish attempts to change our nature, which God created and only he can reform if we deign to allow him to do so.

It was this understanding that led them to create a governing structure based on the fact that governments are not mere mechanical devices that run on automatic, but organizations put together and run by the descendants of that old fancier of forbidden fruit Adam.

In other words, they understood that given the power to govern others, men would often be less motivated by the better angels of their nature, and more by self-interest and the intoxication of power. They didn’t need Lord Acton to tell them that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Their knowledge of the fallen nature of their fellow men was all they needed.

Only when the reality of mankind’s fallen nature is ignored can a modern man tolerate a devilishly imagined right to murder unborn humans in the sanctity of their mothers’ wombs. If you need an illustration of our exposure to our fallen nature, there’s none better than our legal toleration of this atrocity.

As a result, the founder’s Constitution was based on the notion that in order to protect our sacred God-given liberties, we needed first to be protected from ourselves and our tendency to want to impose our wills on others, even the unborn.

They created a federal government and proceeded to bind it up in all kinds of restrictions such as telling Congress, it could enact no laws restricting the free exercise of religion, for example, an eventuality that they knew someone among our fallen brothers and sisters would sometime try… to impose on the rest of us (and which sadly, they now have largely managed to do).