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For all four years of my college experience, I had a job on campus initially for the reason of convenience.

I lived on campus for a year and a half and didn’t really have to leave during the week because I went to school there and had a job there.

After I moved back home, I started to understand a new reason for wanted to secure a campus job.

They all got me connected with the community.

How Each of My Campus Jobs Got Me Connected

1. My first job was in the dining hall, where I worked from October to March of my freshmen year

This job gave me a great initial friend base, and I am still friends with many of them. I even dated a guy who worked with me for a month.

Although I did not like the shift times, I am thankful for the family setting that sort of became my home away from home.

2. My second job was serving as a dorm monitor from August to December of my sophomore year

This job required me to stay up until 2:00 in the morning to have people sign in if they miss curfew.

This job seems like one done in isolation, but I actually made a really good friend who would visit with me for an hour on my night to work. I ended up being a bridesmaid in her wedding!

3. My third job was as the teaching assistant for the Director of Online Learning from February of my junior year until graduation

This job allowed me to get to know a lot of CCU’s professors because my office shared a hallway with their offices.

Even though I did not have many of them in class, I would feel comfortable asking them to write a recommendation letter for me when I pursue jobs in the future.

4. My fourth job was in the Learning Center as a tutor from August to May of my senior year

When I first started this job, I knew some co-workers very well and others only slightly.

Now, I would consider these co-workers some of my best friends.

This job also gave me an opportunity to get to know some of the students who needed help with assignments.

I did not know many students who were younger than me before this job, but now I know quite a few!

(This job also allows me to do homework when I’m not meeting with a student)

If You’re Going to College Soon…

If you are planning on going to college soon, and especially to a small college, then I would recommend getting an on-campus job.

It gets you connected with other students and faculty much sooner than you would otherwise.

I think the only downside to having an on-campus job is that your weekly hours are limited.

For example, student workers at my school could only work up to 20 hours a week.

Even so, its convenience is helpful as you can walk from class straight to work.

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