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Many church events are Bible studies, retreats, or meals which are all great for getting people together.

What I don’t see as much of these days is church communities getting together to play outdoor sports or other recreational activities.

I will admit that youth groups incorporate recreational activities in their schedule, but the church at large should schedule these events, too!

Even if the land your church is not cannot be used for recreational purposes, look for parks in the area where you can direct your congregation.

Outdoor Activities Your Church Can Try

1. Volleyball

2. Softball

3. Badminton 

4. Soccer

5. Bocce Ball

6. Relay Race

7 Four Square

8. Wiffle Ball

9. Horse Shoes

10. Egg Toss

11. Kite Flying

12. Hiking (at a park)

13. Fishing (at a park)

14. Scavenger Hunt

15. Capture the Flag

16. Basketball

17. Swimming (at a volunteer’s house)

18. Geocaching

19. Ultimate Frisbee

20. Frisbee Golf

And there are countless other options! You just have to get creative with the space you plan to use.

Cater Your Outdoor Choice to the Average Age of Church Members

If your church is home to a bunch of 70-year-olds, then most of the outdoor activities can’t happen.

But, if the average age of your church members is around 40, then you can do most things on the list.

It’s also best to provide two or three activities, especially depending on the number of people attending.

Most of All, Exaggerate the Importance of Being Together

When most of the people have arrived, gather them all together and have a time of prayer to bless the day.

Encourage church members to interact with people they don’t normally talk to.

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