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Ask for BoldnessLast week, the anti-faith group Americans United for Separation of Church and State launched a full-scale attack on Liberty Counsel under the title, “More Lies From Lynchburg” (one of Liberty Counsel’s principal locations).

Their charge? That Liberty Counsel is lying when we encourage pastors to preach on “biblical and moral issues” in this election year.

AU accused me of getting into “swampy territory” by advising “clergy to preach on ‘biblical and moral issues’ and then ‘discuss positions of the candidates’ on those issues.”

“Swampy territory” for preaching on biblical issues?

This same group has launched a misnamed national campaign called “Project Fair Play” that includes thinly-veiled threats to pastors and churches about possible “church electioneering” and warns that the IRS “can revoke the institution’s tax-exempt status or levy significant fines on the house of worship or its leaders.”