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You’re probably wondering why you love going to sports games. Could it be the excitement of the game? Could it be the seat you are watching the game from?

Or could it be because of the people you are with?

Ding, ding, ding! That is the answer! At least, that is when I will most likely attend games: when I am going with family or friends.

I believe that groups who attend athletic events together form close relationships and memorable experiences for years to come.

Groups of People Athletic Event Attendance Benefits

1. Athletic event attendance benefits college students

College students who attend athletic events at their school bond with other classmates in the stands and also show support to the athletes on the court or on the field.

Attendance encourages community and unity while on campus.

2. Athletic event attendance benefits people who attend your church

If you are searching for an event idea, schedule a church-wide event to attend a baseball game.

For example, at the Reds Stadium, there are activities for all ages. Kids can practice their batting and catching at a field made just for them. Adults have a chance of winning prizes throughout the game. Large groups have an increased chance of making it on the jumbo-tron!

3. Athletic event attendance benefits family members

I love going to baseball games with my side of the family and my husband’s side of the family.

I can remember most of the times I went to a game with either group-and that’s why it’s important to go with your family!

You will create memories for years to come.

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