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I have attended several churches during my short lifetime because of visiting friends, visiting relatives, playing piano for a few months, and visiting out of curiosity.

All of these churches had one thing in common: their seating was arranged in rows.

Now, I understand that that is the traditional way of seating people of a congregation, especially if the church is made of over a thousand people.

All I want to offer is an alternative way to arranging seats to promote a uniting atmosphere.

How to Arrange Seats to Facilitate Community

1. Arrange seats to form inner and outer circles

This seems like a weird set up, but I’ve actually seen this method and it was awesome!

It was actually shaped more like a horse shoe so that the pastor did not have to preach in the middle of the circle.

This set up encourages people to see who is actually sitting in the same room as they are.

It may lead to people reaching out to others more willingly.

2. Arrange classrooms with circular tables

Okay, maybe you are not able to arrange chairs the way I suggested in my previous point.

Arranging classrooms in that way could be a better option for you.

Setting up chairs in a circle allows for discussion and also for the church members to see each other!

Being able to notice other people is huge!

3. Arrange chairs to form diagonal rows

This is another option if you cannot get the first option in order. Instead of making parallel rows, angle the left and right sides of rows toward each other.

This way, church members can still see each other during the service. Faith Church in Milford, Ohio does a great job with this arrangement.

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