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Fourth Level of Communication



Feelings- Congratulations! You have someone in your life who you can share your feelings with. This is a great place to be. It means that either you have someone who cares and can set themselves aside to listen to you; they value you and honor you by taking this time to be there for you – or you perhaps are sharing your feelings with someone who really does not deserve you. In the latter case, it will become clear to you in short order that there are some issues with the relationship or the person.

We share our feelings with each other because we want to know and be known. We have a desire to be known. We want to strengthen our bond by being transparent, by being vulnerable. It sets the stage for both sides to become encouraging, to share each other’s burdens (Galatians 6:2). It puts us in a place to be accountable to someone or to hold someone accountable. Feelings are our guttural response to life.

By talking to each other about our feelings, it helps us to process them out loud, with each other. Often times this is enough to make us feel better. And don’t under estimate trust – this is the bond of the relationship. If the trust is there and the conflict is done well, we can get to that special place where we can have someone to share our feelings with.

Bottom line is that sharing our feelings with others, strengthens our relationships and takes us to the next level where needs are discovered!