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Mathew Staver, founder of Liberty Counsel and dean of the Liberty University School of Law, says that while churches may not endorse or oppose candidates for elective office, pastors can:

  • preach on biblical and moral issues (such as traditional marriage or abortion);
  • urge constituents to register and vote; discuss positions of the candidates;
  • even personally endorse candidates.

Further, churches are permitted to distribute nonpartisan voter guides, register voters, provide
transportation to the polls, hold candidate forums and introduce visiting candidates. Churches may also promote and endorse pending legislation on issues such as marriage amendments or initiatives.

The Limitation

The only limitation, says Mr. Staver, is that churches may not devote more than a substantial part of their overall activity to lobbying. And it’s important to note that no church in our nation’s history has ever lost its tax exemption for engaging in too much lobbying.