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I attend a church with a variety of cultures and backgrounds, but I did not always attend a church like this.

I used to attend a church of about 700 members who all lived in the suburbs, were all white, and were all family-oriented. This compared to my new place of attendance is quite different.

My current church, Velocity Church, is home to Hispanics, African Americans, Caucasians, combinations of these. Most of the people are from the area, but some have migrated from the former location to this location.

I believe churches should be equipped to welcome people of all backgrounds without drawing specific attention to it.

How to Integrate Cultures in Your Church

First, pastors should prepare sermons that can be understood by a general audience. 

Once the community begins to build and people become more acquainted with certain topics, then you can build on.

Next, plan large group events in the community.

This give church members a chance to meet and greet new people.

This may be uncomfortable at first, but consistently speaking with people is the key to entering deeper fellowship.

Third, offer Sunday school classes that study one topic at a time.

This method of study allows for people who are not used to certain terminology to learn it.

After church members become more familiar with one topic, other topics can be explored.

Finally, remain Gospel oriented

The most important thing your church can do to integrate your diverse church members is to preach the Gospel as truth.

The Gospel is the most inclusive thing about the Christian religion–and it’s the foundation!

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