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When a church gathers together, you know there are going to be people experiencing difficult situations.

There are also many levels of difficulty people face, as well as different thresholds for each difficult situation.

I know that I have had to lean on other followers of Jesus for support and encouragement during tough times in my life.

It is the responsibility of fellow church members to come alongside those who are struggling in the church community to list them up and to encourage them.

3 Reasons for Encouraging Church Members

1. Encouragement to other people resembles Jesus

While Jesus was on earth, he comforted those who followed him. He told them that they will have troubles during their life because they lived in this world. But then he comforted them with the reminder that he has overcome the world (John 16:33).

2. Encouragement to other people builds relationships

When one person confides in another person and the other person listens, a friendship is developed.

This is where accountability partners are important. To read more about accountability partners, click here.

3. Encouragement to other people strengthens the body of Christ

Just as Jesus followers should be open to sharing belongings and money with people who need those things, it is essential for the body of Christ to have encourage one another.

In 1 Thessalonians 5:11, Paul instructs readers to encourage one another so that they will build each other up.

When all church members are being built up by one another, it makes the body of Christ unified in strength.


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