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Each ministry I have been associated with are vastly different in areas regarding methods and planning, but they all have shared one common thing:

They hold weekly leadership meetings. Once group meets on Tuesdays over lunch. Another group meets on Thursday mornings.

The day does not matter; what does matter is that the leaders are getting together.

3 Reasons Why Leaders Should Have Weekly Meetings

1. Weekly meetings keep all leaders informed about what is going on

Weekly meetings prevent leaders from missing out on information. When people miss out on hearing information, it is likely that others will forget to tell them.

By having and attending weekly meetings, no one will fall through the cracks.

2. Weekly meetings give leaders a chance to discuss current victories and issues

It is important to encourage fellow leaders of your ministry by telling stories of the week. These stories are encouraging for two reasons.

One: the victories are encouraging as everyone can share in the happiness and thankfulness.

Two: the issues give people a chance to ask for prayer. Asking for prayer encourages people in their walk with God and encourages them to ask for prayer as well.

3. Weekly meetings can serve as small church services

Right now, I attend a weekly meeting with BLOC Ministries. The structure of the meeting is Bible study, prayer, sharing stories of the week, and discussing upcoming events.

This structure is an awesome one to follow if you and the fellow leaders of your ministry are looking to set up weekly meetings.

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