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Over the years, I have had the honor of teaching children about the Bible during Sunday school times.

The church I used to do Children’s Ministry with had a curriculum that each teacher had to follow.

Following a curriculum is as it guides your lesson. The important thing to make sure of though is that somewhere you insert the importance of loving the Lord your God and loving your neighbor as yourself.

The lesson of teaching who our neighbors are is important to instill in people at a young age before they form opinions of cross-cultural differences.

How to Integrate Loving Your Neighbor as Yourself into Your Sunday School Lesson

1. Identify the theme of the Bible story

Usually, the themes of Bible stories told to kids emphasize an attribute or attributes of God or Jesus.

If the theme is mercy, talk about showing mercy to others because God showed mercy to them.

If the theme is God’s power, talk about how God’s power is shown when followers of Jesus are unified.

2. Give relevant examples of loving your neighbor as yourself

Depending on the age, you will have to cater your lesson to what the children will understand.

For a four-year-old, teach that giving up a toy to a person they don’t usually play with is loving their neighbor.

For an eight-year-old, teach that helping someone who has dropped their papers in the school hallway is loving their neighbor.

3. Encourage children to love their neighbors during the week

Ask the kids to love their neighbors and to come back next week with a story to share!

This will excite the kids about practicing what they have learned.

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