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This a very stressful time for everyone with the last four weeks of school.  Nevertheless, I am blessed that despite this, everyone here still finds time to care for one another.

I am going on choir tour soon and praying for my prayer partner.  Then it hit me….why not pray for the school at this point?

Here are my top ten prayers:

1. People will gain increased energy and motivation to finish the year strong.

This is coming from someone where the last couple weeks have not been as productive.

2. People will be able to handle summer logistical issues on top of that.  We want to trust in the fact God will provide.

This can be a hard time for people if there are loose ends to tie with living situations, jobs, etc. on top of finals.

3. People will deliver real value to whatever they do.

This is the time of season where end-gaining is huge.  As Christians, we should not strive to just look good, but we should be good.

4. There will be new, diverse relationships that will be formed.

A lot of students desire more community, particularly between students of different backgrounds.  Hopefully, friendships will kindle before the school year ends.

5. People will feel courage to work toward their long-term dreams.

A lot of students have visions but may not know how to work toward that.  I hope more mentors will come in to inspire others to overcome that.

 “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.”-Matthew 5:14

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