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This is a bit of a departure from my normal posts, but the topic of this blog post has been on my mind and heart for a while.

This world feeds us with the lie that money is the source of stability, comfort, and happiness.

Money presents the illusion that the more you have, the more powerful you are. In a sense, that’s true.

The more money you have, the more perks you get in this life. You can live anywhere you want. You can pay people to do your chores. You can send your kids to the best schools.

At the end of your life, though (or even in the middle of it), are you content? Have you been fulfilled?

My guess? Definitely not.

The Man on the Top of the World

The story I’m about to tell is true and happened to someone I know rather well.

He entered his industry in his twenties with the hopes of gaining experience and advancing in his career.

He wanted to have access to anything at his command and wanted people to know he had access to these things.

Unfortunately, he did not make it to the big time. Instead, he got jobs where his bosses verbally abused him, customers were greedy, and his employees treated him disrespectfully.

Many years later, he secured a job where he was loved by everyone. He got several promotions within a year and eventually began making all the money he had been trying to make his whole lifetime.

After four years of working there, the power he had acquired started to fall short of his expectations.

He decided his time would come to an end in that place so that he could move on to bigger and better things.

This is when the man on the top of the world fell.

His new job made him miserable. His boss bullied him, he lived in an undesirable part of town, and he sat deep in shame and regret of his hasty decision.

Always Wanting More

People who live their lives like the man on the top of the world did are never content or satisfied with their position in life.

There is this sense of entitlement that they deserve more power than they are currently getting.

This is an unfortunate way to live life because (just as with the man on the top of the world) when something does not go according to plan or if they fail, they feel shame and regret like the heaviest weight on their shoulders.

Life was not designed to live for money and power or to feel ashamed. Those who always want more aren’t free.

Money and Power in the Kingdom of God

If you are a follower of Jesus, money and power are still relevant topics as Christians strive for both of those things as well.

They just may not admit to living life the way the man on the top of the world did.

Here’s a story that may sound familiar to you (also a true story):

A newly married woman just about to graduate from college applied to receive her school refund. She wasn’t expecting it to be massive; just enough to possibly replace the tires on their car.

A couple weeks later, she received a notification that her refund had been directly deposited into her bank account.

She logged in to her banking website to figure out if they had enough to get new tires.

The statement read 4,000 dollars. She almost cried and immediately sent a text to her husband.

She decided that her financial worries would be over! They had more than enough money in the bank.

The next day while she was making breakfast, her husband came into the kitchen and sat at the island.

He told her that friends of theirs wrecked their car and needed to buy a replacement as soon as possible. Then, he said that they should give the school refund money to their friends.

She did not know how to respond at first.

After some alone time, she remembered the story in the Bible about the lady who gave all the money she had to the temple.

She also remembered the story of the rich young ruler who did not want to part with all of his possessions to follow Jesus.

She knew that God was asking her if she would be obedient and share that money that was given with who it was intended for.

She went to her husband and said they would give the money to their friends.

This story is an example of how money and power should be used in the Kingdom of God. The money is meant for those who need it and the power is found in the shared responsibility of helping those who are in financial need.

Trusting God with Your Finances

As Jesus reminds us in Matthew 6:26, if God provides for the birds, he will surely provide for Man who he loves.

Cause yourself to trust that this is true. Ask God DAILY that he will help your belief.

If you struggle with feeling free about your finances and struggle with believing that God will provide for you, you’re not alone.

If many people did not struggle with this, I don’t think Jesus would have placed such an emphasis on giving to the poor during his ministry.

However, there will be times when you will have to make the choice of obeying when you’re supposed to give and doing so with a glad heart.

Live day by day on your daily bread and I know you will have a more intimate relationship with Jesus and with others in the body of Christ.

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