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Some events are better for individuals to interact with other individuals, like in youth groups and young adult groups.

It is more difficult for people who have large families to connect with other members of the church.

Through strategic design, you could organize events that the entire family will enjoy.

Additionally, these events will cause your family to mingle with other families.

Events to Plan for Families in Your Church

My mother has hosted several of these events at Faith Church in Milford, Ohio, and each one worked extremely well.

1. Holiday celebratory events

For each major holiday of the year, such as Christmas and Easter, plan a holiday-related gathering where kids and parents can create a family craft that will last for years to come.

These holiday parties will also leave room for two or three families to share a table with each other, which promotes the goal of church members getting to know new people.

2. Once per Month Relay Race or Scavenger Hunt Activities

Once per month, plan a day for families to team up and complete a challenge.

This can be held outside the church or inside, depending on the activity.

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3. Host a Family Game Night Once per Month

Just like my previous point, invite families of the church to attend a game night.

These game nights do not require that one family only plays with each other, but it encourages parents to meet other parents and for children to meet other children.

These activities will hopefully instill the importance of community in the children and will build relationships for years to come.

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