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The two most important commandments according to Jesus are to:

1. Love the Lord your God and 2. Love your neighbor as yourself

According to the parable told by Jesus, one’s neighbor is not necessarily the one who is like you, but is the one who helps you when you are in need.

When you ask your church who their neighbors are, what do you think they would say?

Would they say, “Oh! They are the Wilson’s down the street!”

Or, would they say, “Oh! They are my Bible study friends!”

What would they say about the poor family sitting in the back row in the sanctuary?

What would their children say about the nerdy kid in their class?

Well, according to Jesus, their neighbor is anyone who would help them or anyone they are capable of helping.

How to Encourage Your Church to Remember the Overlooked People in Society

1. Prepare a sermon series about who our neighbor is

Use the authority of Scripture to remind your church members that their neighbors are anyone who can help them or anyone they can help.

Use applicable examples, too. Once could be the responsibility of other children to stand up for someone who is getting bullied during school.

2. Provide opportunities for church community to do service projects

Schedule times one a month for the whole church to disperse over the local area to do service projects. For ideas, read another one of my articles by clicking here.

3. Create Bible study groups with diverse members

Bible study groups help church members with getting to know people they would otherwise disregard.

Encourage church members to hold weekly Bible study group meetings.

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