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Answers are in the Bible

Answers are in the Bible

In my other ‘life’ I work in the content, online, social media marketing world.

There’s ALWAYS a big push to find, get connected to ‘influencers.’

Why We Care about Influencers

The theory is if you can get somebody to tell somebody that you are somebody then you will have influence as well.

Following that line of reasoning, everyone is looking for the top influencer … in their niche.

  • Gaining influence is not about who you know.
  • Gaining influence is not even about who knows you.
  • Gaining influence is about who knows who that knows you.

If I told you that Adam knows me. You would ask, “Who’s Adam? And why should I care?”

If I told you my friend, Adam, assistant to the CEO of (insert huge organization that you respect) knows me. It makes a difference, right?

Greatest Influencer of All Time

I am studying the greatest influencer of all-time.

His name is Jesus. I care very deeply that He knows me.  And, not surprisingly, even it is NOT needed, He has tremendous credibility by who knows Him.

In the Gospel of Mark 1:11, after Jesus comes out of the Jordan River from being baptized, we find that I AM knows him, “You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased.”

The voice from heaven knows Jesus and Jesus knows me … by name.

He is the influencer I care most to know my name.

Who do you think is the greatest influence of all time?