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Do you believe in the existence of angels?


Do you believe you have your own guardian angel?


Have you ever personally felt an angelic presence in your life?


Do you believe in the existence of fallen angels, or devils?


Though often cast as rescuers, angels also seem to intervene to remove not the danger but the Fear of it. Among the most memorable stories of World War I is the tale of the Angel of Mons. In August 1914 during one of the first battles of the war, British and French troops were retreating from a German assault. As Burnham tells the story, the wounded soldiers were taken to field hospitals where one, then another and another, told the nurses of seeing angels on the field. The French saw the Archangel Michael, riding a white horse. The British said it was St. George, “a tall man with yellow hair in golden armor, on white horses, holding his sword up and his mouth open, crying ‘Victory!'” The nurses reported a startling serenity in the dying men, as though they had nothing to fear.

Some soldiers later speculated that their exhaustion had brought on hallucinations. Others thought it was mass hysteria, the result of a battle that was supposed to be easily won by the allies but had turned into a rout. But later stories emerged from the German side of the same incident. The Kaiser’s soldiers have said they found themselves “absolutely powerless to proceed… and their horses turned around sharply and fled.” The Germans said the allied position was held by thousands of troops -though in fact, there were only two regiments there.