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Write your vision. Make it plain.Dr. Newman Hall, a preacher and author of a book entitled Come To Jesus, was a close friend of Charles H. Spurgeon. It seems there was another preacher in town who ridiculed Hall in an article he had written. Initially, Hall overlooked the insult, but as time went on and more people commented on the article, he became angry. He sat down and wrote a letter filled with bitter responses that were even more vicious than the article that had been written about him.

Before mailing the letter, Hall took it to Spurgeon to get his opinion. Spurgeon read it carefully and then handed it back, commenting that it was well written and that the man he was attacking deserved to be treated in this very way.

“But,” he added, “it just lacks one thing. Underneath your signature, you ought to write the
words, ‘Author of Come to Jesus.'”

Hall looked at Spurgeon for a couple of minutes… and then tore the letter to shreds.