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Former Boston Red Sox 3rd baseman, Wade Boggs used to hate going to Yankee Stadium. Not because of the Yankees, but because of a fan.

The guy had a seat close to the field and when the Red Sox were in town, he would torment Boggs by shouting obscenities and insults. One day, Boggs decided he’d had enough. He walked directly over to the man and said, “Hey fella, are you the guy who’s always yelling at me?” The man said, “Yeah, It’s me. What are you going to do about it?

Wade took a new baseball out of his pocket, autographed it, tossed it to the man, and went back to the field to continue his pre-game routine. The man never yelled at Boggs again; in fact, he became one of Wad’s biggest fans at Yankee Stadium. (Romans 12:17-18)