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The children were arguing over some insignificant things. “You’re stupid!” one said to the other. “Well, so are you!” the other shouted. “Not as stupid as you!” the 1st responded. “Oh, yeah?” the 2nd replied, “That’s what you think.”

When Buscaglia passed by the playground not more than 10 minutes later, these 2 children were playing together again, having forgotten the whole thing. “No brooding, no wounded egos, no blame, no dredging up the past, no recriminations,” Buscaglia writes. There it was, a brief and honest exchange of angry feelings, an even briefer cooling off period, and all was forgiven. “Children are certainly much more forgiving than adults,” Buscalgia concludes. “Somewhere in the process of growing up we seem to have become experts at holding grudges, cradling fragile egos and unforgiving natures.”