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Walter Isaacson, the biographer of Ben Franklin and Henry Kissinger is tackling Albert Einstein in his new book Einstein: His Life and Universe According to Isaacson. Einstein, arguably the greatest scientist of the 20th century, struggled with God. Isaacson: “You know, he was at a dinner party once Pondering the Word of Godin Berlin and everybody assumed he was an atheist and he said, “No, I have a deep feeling of faith, a deep religiosity that comes from my appreciation of the way the Lord made the universe”, and everybody was stunned. He said he was like a child walking into a library, and you see the books and you know somebody must have written them, and you see them ordered and you know somebody must have ordered them, and there’s a sense of awe that’s manifest in that, where you kind of understand that there’s an order underlying everything and the more you appreciate it, the more humble you become in the fact of it, and the more you have a sense of what he called cosmic religion. In some ways, his belief in God, that God had created an orderly universe, informed his science. He believed that underlying everything, there are laws.”