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Curious and open to Christianity, Hemant Mehta became the “eBay atheist” when he posted his soul on eBay and began accepting bids to visit churches and then share his thoughts. “I didn’t want anyone to be able to tell me that I was just an atheist because I had never even thought about Christianity,” Mehta says. Some 30 church services later, he’s still an atheist. But here, he tells us why, what he does believe in and what Christians should consider when talking to someone with different beliefs.

Mehta observes: “At one church I visited, some people were asked to write down how they felt before and after becoming Christian. They said things like ‘dark and light,’ ‘lonely and befriended,’ which got me wondering: Is being down or lonely or desperate a prerequisite to finding God? Do these people think that others who have not yet found God are lost, scared or miserable? Do I have to go through some sort of trauma or crisis before finding some ultimate meaning?