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Sometimes atheists, agnostics, or skeptics will try to stump us with a question about God. They think they are clever and take pride in their great intelligence. They will say (for example) “If God is all-powerful, can He create a rock so big He cannot lift it?”

Maybe you can answer this pseudo-intellectual question with one of these answers:

 Why would He want to lift it? Are you needing such a rock for something?

 Not right now. Right now He is seeing if He can make a square circle for another skeptic.

 By definition, a rock is only a small fragment of a larger piece of the same substance. Therefore, your question is illogical and flawed from conception.

 Well, I assume the rock would need to be created where you could see Him create it and lift it, or you would not believe. Since He already created the earth and hung it upon nothing with all the other heavenly bodies, your question ought to be “Can God create and hang a planet bigger than any other than I can already see?” The answer to that is “Yes, but I doubt if He would do it just so you could believe.”

 Someone told me you were witty and I have concluded they were only half right.