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The story of Liberal, Missouri is an intriguing one. This was a town which a leading atheist, George H. Books for Christian MenWalser, was able to convince to exclude religion from its midst. No church could exist within the city, and religious people were encouraged not to live in the community. What happened was that crime and immorality became so rampant that the city failed and finally asked churches to come in and establish a religious base for the moral and legal system of the town.

We have encouraged people to read these books because they represent once again the fact that Christianity works and atheism does not on a practical daily basis.

A newspaper in Liberal is distributing three books which record the history of this town. They are:

The Strange Town of Liberal Missouri $8.40

The Story of Liberal Missouri by O.E. Harmon $6.40

George H.Walser and Liberal Missouri by Boyce Houton $6.40